SIRADE provides major services as follows:

  • Consultation on innovative microcellular foaming technology and development of plastic foams
  • Injection moulding service
  • Tooling and CNC Machining service
  • Sheet metal stamping service
  • Sourcing service

At SIRADE, we are dedicated to providing our customers with professional services and products that meet their specific applications. We specialize in professional consultation on innovative plastic foaming technology and development of microcellular plastic foams for different applications.

We aim to enhance the value in your production with the innovative plastic foaming technology. Our strength is rooted in the depth of knowledge, skill and project experience of microcellular foaming. Our engineering services include the processing of plastic foams through extrusion and injection moulding with physical and/or chemical blowing agents.

We have our own tooling and injection moulding factory which specializes in mass production and operates under our full supervision. We can provide services including design, rapid prototyping, tooling, production, painting, assembly, CNC machining and sheet metal stamping service. Furthermore, we are capable to develop PCB and integrate electronics with plastic products.

We strive to reduce the cost of parts and components for our customers. With our extensive global supplier network, we are able to supply parts and components with a competitive price, fast-response rate and risk-free services.

Let’s build a long-term win-win business together.