The CSA sets safety and performance standards for machinery in Canada, essential for ensuring safety and compliance. We have extensive experience helping Canadian importers and international manufacturers meet CSA requirements and facilitate seamless trade:

  • Pre-Purchase Consultation: Expert advice for Canadian businesses on purchasing machinery, identifying compliance gaps early.
  • Compliance Assessment: Comprehensive reviews for international manufacturers to ensure their machinery meets CSA standards.
  • Testing and Certification: Assistance navigating the CSA certification process, including collaboration with local electrical shops.
  • Documentation and Labeling: Preparation and review of necessary documents and labels to ensure CSA compliance.
  • Ongoing Compliance and Maintenance: Continued support to maintain CSA compliance throughout the machinery’s lifecycle.

Our bilingual team bridges communication between Canadian clients and Chinese manufacturers, offering tailored solutions to meet unique needs and ensure successful international trade.

Automatic Liquid Filling Machine with CSA Correction and Certificate
Vertical Injection Molding Machine with CSA Correction and Certificate